Sunday, February 27, 2011

Transat 650 2011

Back in Bundaberg, Australia. ISIS my trusty and need I say VERY lucky girl is unscathed save for one scratch! Unbelievable and surreal. The stories will follow in the months to come - they are simply too much for me to absorb in one go. But another big thank you is in order for Linda Pasquariello, Richard and Maree Staiton and Ray of MidTown Marinas and his son. Without all of them - ISIS would be another casuality of this there is absolutely no doubt.

Now, she might sell to pay for my debt in allocating my 'new' base - the S&S 34 'Gitano' currently waiting for me in Seattle. And the near-term objective is a possible go at what would be my 4th Mini Fastnet Race in June from Dournanez, France on my 2005 Transat 650 winning prototype #433.

If this comes to bear I would likely qualify for the 2011 Transat 650 at the end of the year in what would be my first Mini Transat Race! Ironic if I'd raced to Brazil at the beginning of the year with Jon Sanders from south to north (South Africa to Rio) and then I'd race from north to south (France to Salvador) in September solo...

And then Jon and I will do the Sydney Hobart again in December! I hope this 4th go will result in a 50% victory ratio with a 2nd win ; - ) Possible ?!

It is the Chinese year of the Rabbit for the Sagittarius (my star sign) so anything is predicted to be possible if you are a rabbit!!!

...Down the rabbit-hole lets go ; - )

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